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Welcome, Tai-Chi and Yoga Enthusiasts!

Ohm-Chi is a site dedicated to the practice of Tai-Chi and Yoga as well as Chi-Kong.

To buy my book Head in the Clouds: A Guide to Yoga for Airline Travelers (2007), please order ISBN 978-1-4343-4759-6 (softcover) through your local bookseller, or click on the image below to purchase online at Amazon.com.

Head in the Clouds Book Cover


You don't have to be a yogi, monk, or religious person to stretch and be flexible and healthy. Everyone has heard that by sitting for long periods of time your circulation is affected and could bring on dire consequences for your health - such as blood clots in your extended parts of your body.

In our sedentary culture it is essential for us to keep our weight down and to stretch in order to reduce the stress of living. Medical people believe that stress lowers the immune system and brings on disease.

The purpose of this book is to reduce tension during the trying times of flight travel, or work time, while sitting at your desk.

As a life time practitioner of yoga, tai-chi and chi-kong I have devised some stretching exercises that will leave you more relaxed and able to enjoy work more, or get into the groove of a vacation mode. Enjoy!



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